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Lakewood Realty would like to know your interest:

1. I am currently licensed and am looking to make a change.

2. I have passed my exam and am looking for a place to start my career.

3. I am not licensed and would like to know more information about getting into the industry.

Please contact us give us a brief description from one of the above interest. Someone will contact you and set up an interview


At Lakewood Realty we strive to be our best ! ​

Our mission is to create opportunity and contribute to our communities.This path is satisfying and rewarding, while fulfilling your ultimate goal.

A career in real estate is not only exciting, it is financially rewarding beyond your wildest imagination !

Lakewood Realty takes great pride in it's affiliates. 

We are currently a virtual office. No desk fee’s. 

Are you ready for change ? 

•No scales on commission
•No year end fee's.
•Newly licensed Training Available

Broker was nominated "Realtor of the Year" 2017.

Real Estate offers an exciting future if you're willing to work hard and "NEVER GIVE UP".

Lakewood Realty cares about your future and career path.