Listing and Selling With Lakewood Realty 
                            Did You Know?​​​

Technology is a driven force behind every aspect of the real estate industry.

Technology has already taken over 90% of the jobs humans used to do.

2.45 Billion Active users on Facebook
​2 Trillion searches per year on google

Your current potential buyers are shopping the internet on their smart phones and laptops. 

At Lakewood Realty our market strategy is the key focus. Targeting is essential. Each property comes with a unique circumstance

We identify the over-all game plan and deliver constant results. We have had over 300,000 views on our facebook post with over 4000 shares in 60 days. We focus , target and deliver.We take marketing to the next level uniting people through the process of digital technology.
C​​​​ontracts , documents and electronic signing. This aspect of the business is crucial. Digital signing has helped shape modern business deals. 

We are more mobile orientated then we 've ever been. The speed in which a document is signed can have a significant impact on your sale cycle. We process our transactions through state of the art technology.