Meet The Owner​

Lisa Marie Grimes has become one of the most sought after mentor and marketing innovators in the real estate industry. Born in Philadelphia , PA. She has always had a vision for big things. As she grew older, traveled and chased those dreams, her final destination was Tennessee.

Nashville has been home now for more than twenty five years.When she began her career in real estate, she struggled as most new licensee's do.But with her self motivation and strong determination she began building her technology and marketing skills.

She started learning the fundamentals of social media , building websites and the importance of sales through technology. Lets face it if you don't have these skills and aren't willing to learn them, eventually you will need a ton of money to keep paying website builders, lead generating resources and so on and so forth, just to stay in the game. Seriously, technology has already taken over 90% of the jobs humans used to do. Did you know that there are 2.45 Billion Active users on Facebook ,YouTube has 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users  and 2 Trillion searches per year on google.There is so much more you can be doing "FOR FREE" to improve your online presence. As we all know real estate is just like riding a roller coaster. Your "Riding High in April , Shot Down in May". NEVER STOP LEARNING if you want to succeed !

Lisa Marie is the CEO and Founder of Lakewood Realty LLC. Lakewood Realty has become a well recognized player in this vast business. ​​Lisa Marie's motto "NEVER GIVE UP". Only then you will stand in your own sovereignty.

Lisa Marie is one of Nashvilles top selling brokers. She has over fifteen years experience  selling, buying and managing property in Nashville ,Old Hickory, Franklin, Brentwood, Madison, Hermitage , Mt. Juliet, and Lebanon TN.  

Lakewood Realty is nestled in Metropolitan Nashville. Located in an amazing Historic City. Lisa Marie is also known for her successful historic post on social media. Bringing centuries of photos and knowledge of Nashville past and present. Like her facebook page and join her thousands of historian fans. 

Nashville Past And Present